All Kinds of Connectivity

Our friends over at DE-CIX have recently published a white paper examining the benefits of using peering links, like those available via their Internet Exchange. In particular, the white paper highlights results from a study done by Adnan Ahmed and Zubair Shafiq at the University of Iowa along with our research team here at VDMS. The original study appeared in the 2017 proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Networking Protocols (ICNP)

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Now Sponsoring Let's Encrypt

Verizon Digital Media Services is happy to announce our Silver sponsorship of Let’s Encrypt!

Let’s Encrypt has been instrumental in creating a more secure web for everyone and a key player in enabling the major browsers to deprecate plaintext HTTP. Encryption is increasingly important in providing people the privacy and confidentiality they expect in their communications.

We strongly believe in Let’s Encrypt’s mission and are extremely excited to sponsor the project which helps bring the promise of a more secure web to everyone.

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Meet Our Meetup Video Library Page

Did you know that Verizon Digital Media Services frequently hosts tech community meetups at our Playa Vista campus? Playa Vista, also dubbed “Silicon Beach” for its close proximity to the sand and its influx of innovative tech companies, has become a flourishing hub and home to over 500 tech companies.

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Mitigating Struts Vulnerability CVE-2018-11776

By now, news of the recently discovered critical Apache Struts vulnerability has garnered significant worldwide attention. The new remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability (CVE-2018-11776) affects all versions of the popular Apache Struts 2 framework. The vulnerability exploits a deficiency in the framework’s URL action mapping component where certain actions, which are not associated with an explicit namespace, are not properly sanitized. Remote code execution attacks threaten the security of data and infrastructure, and the widespread popularity of the Struts 2 framework makes for a potentially very large attack surface.

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